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Here is a central location for free resources provided by ProBalance.TV, including fitness tips, tools, basic fitness screening tools, workouts, and more, organized for easy reference.
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5 Must Have Exercises to Jump-Start and Reset Your Core.
You can access them all at once in the Core Reset Jumpstart Unit or watch them one at a time as a reference library.

This online program helps you understand and identify which areas of your body are critical for being able to perform an efficient golf swing. It includes a method for self golf fitness assessment and a clear path on how to maximize your body's movement potential so you can play golf better, longer.

A full body, Pilates-inspired workout utilizing gravity, body angles, and a simple pulley system made from items found on any sailboat or at any marine store. (Pulley System Not Included). Includes downloadable video and pdf for reference when you don't have wi-fi access.

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